Tijuana City Hall creates channels of assistance and communication for the population

The goal is to serve all citizens

The head of Institutional Attention, Ofelia Adriana Cortés Reyna, informed that the XXIII City Hall of Tijuana seeks to change the idea that people have of public administration, providing quick and efficient attention to the citizens, for which they make different channels of assistance and communication available to the citizens.

"The municipal president, Karla Patricia Ruiz Macfarland, has instructed us to offer multiple communication channels, so that citizens can carry out their procedures in an agile and easy way. This way, people can go in person, call the 072 line, write an email or use the institutional chat", explained the official.

In addition, Cortés Reyna indicated that, through these channels, around 15 thousand people come every month to obtain information regarding requests, acknowledgements, questions, support or to review a particular issue. Of these, between 8 thousand and 11 thousand are attended directly at the Information Module installed at the Municipal Palace, the rest of the channels receive around 5 thousand.

He also explained that the response time for citizen requests varies depending on the subject, but in the case of the most requested matters, which are social supports, it is estimated between 10 to 25 days, while the response time for service issues, such as the repair of street lights, ranges between 20 and 40 days.

Likewise, he assured that regardless of age, race, gender or social condition, all citizens are attended in the best way, avoiding unnecessary rounds.

"The Mayoress has instructed that always, in some way or another, the citizen will be helped, that is why our goal is to make that assistance possible. When it is not feasible to start a procedure with any municipal agency, we seek to provide relevant information on civil associations, shelters, or instances in which they can find a solution to their situation," Cortés Reyna concluded.

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