Get to know the three most important beer spots in Tijuana

Our city has incredible places to try a good craft beer

Photo by: Norte Brewing Co.

According to the National Chamber of Restaurants and Condimented Food Industry (CANIRAC) and the State Ministry of Tourism, Baja California is the capital of craft beer. Of all the states, the one with the greatest projection is undoubtedly Tijuana.

This drink has become one of the reasons why thousands of tourists from the other side of the border visit us every year; considering that even since the prohibition era, almost 100 years ago, they already did it to drink alcohol and because the legal drinking age in our country is 18 years old, as opposed to 21 years old in the United States.

Influenced by the great popularity and the opening of numerous craft beer establishments in San Diego, Tijuana has decided to follow in their footsteps, developing several styles of beer, each with a unique and different touch, which in recent years, given the boom of this business in the region, has attracted the attention of new consumers.

With the objective of celebrating International Beer Day and serving as a guide for you to get to know new places, we have decided to make a list of the most popular craft breweries and tasting rooms in Tijuana, divided into three different geographic zones.

Downtown Area
This is undoubtedly the most popular of the zones due to the flow of people from different social strata and backgrounds. The cultural mix, tourism, and local consumption promotes the beer drinking, especially on Avenida Revolucion and the surrounding streets.

Among the most notable are Mamut Cervecería, Norte Brewing Co., Mexica Cervecería Artesanal, Cervecería Insurgente (one of the pioneers and most popular thanks to its famous IPA called La Lupulosa, La Tiniebla and Juan Cordero, within its main line) and Teorema Brewing.

The places are casual enough for a meeting with friends and especially for those who want to delve into the fascinating world of this drink, as there is a wide variety of styles with very good flavor. The deployment gives Zona Centro a different air where its general vision is changing, gaining more and more prestige.

Rio Area

We can't miss the countless bars and establishments located in this area, starting with those in Plaza Fiesta where they also sell hamburgers, pizzas and other snacks, while you can enjoy live sports or simply taste the different ranges of bitterness or sweetness of the beers, some with hints of coffee, chocolate or citrus that will leave a good taste in your mouth, like the Bosinger Beer Brewery.

Nearby you can find places like Bierhall, which is on Boulevard Sánchez Taboada; or Republica Malta, at one of the exits of the Via Rapida towards Zona Rio, where the outdoor space gives a good vibe, with hints of spontaneity.

Aguacaliente Boulevard / Díaz Ordaz

In this area we highlight Public House, very close to Big Boy, where they have a great variety of beers, among which Hoppy Pilsner and Pelirroja Red stand out. Its open-air space is spacious and relaxed.

Lúdica Cerveceria, a few blocks from Mercado de Todos, is another space that, although hidden, is making its way for its great quality and independence.

On the list we cannot forget one of the favorites, Cerveceria Madero, located in Colonia Cacho, which adds to Tijuana's gastronomic revolution with great contributions.

At the end of the route, turning towards the boulevard Fundadores, is the Cervecería Tijuana, one of the plants with the largest production in the city and is frequently visited by tourists.

Other breweries a little further away are Cerveceria Chapultepec in Plaza Galerías Hipódromo, La 20 Tasting Room in colonia 20 de noviembre, or the new one in town, Sandunguera Brewing Co. located in La Gloria, on the way to Rosarito, and which we recently did a piece on. Since it opened its doors one year ago, it has become the most cheerful and creative in Tijuana thanks to its innovation and experimentation of flavors that delight beer lovers.

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