Tijuana is the municipality with most active cases of coronavirus in Baja California

Of the 751 cases that are currently active, 326 are located in the border city

Photo by: Saira Peñaloza

Tijuana not only leads the list of active COVID-19 cases in Baja California, but also continues to steadily increase the number of active cases. Today the border city went from 303 to 326 of the 751 cases in the state.

At the same time, although gradually, it is also increasing its incidence of active cases, reaching 17.78 today, when on August 3 it was 16.12 and on August 4 it was 16.62.

In addition, of the 140 new cases registered from yesterday to today, 76 belong to this municipality, followed by Mexicali with 33, Ensenada with 19, San Quintin with five, Rosarito with four, and Tecate with three. Regarding the three recent deaths, one occurred in Tijuana and the other two in the state capital.

According to the report presented by the Ministry of Health this morning, this city, which has the largest population in Baja California, is where the virus is being transmitted the most, with an effective reproduction rate of 1.5.

In view of this, the head of this agency, Alonso Pérez Rico, said that if this indicator does not decrease, cases will continue to rise in the coming days.

For this reason, he invited the population to get vaccinated, use masks, to social distance, to have well ventilated spaces, to wash their hands, to monitor carbon dioxide in closed places, and to avoid crowded places.

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