Tijuana City Hall promotes the use of masks in public places, plazas and swap meets

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Tijuana has initiated a campaign to promote the use of face masks

According to the Federal Government's Epidemiological Traffic Ligh Chart, this week's coloration for Baja California is yellow. However, state authorities decided that it will remain green in all municipalities except for Mexicali, which will change to yellow.

This is due to the fact that the percentage of positivity from remaining at 14% in the last few weeks has risen to 54%, according to state health authorities, led by Dr. Alonso Pérez Rico. For this reason, the Tijuana City Hall decided to start a campaign to invite citizens to wear masks whenever they go out in public places, highlighting the need to use them in shopping malls, restaurants, bars and public places.

In addition, another factor that has led authorities to recommend this type of measures is the vacation season, since there has been greater mobility in Tijuana during the weekend, when visitors and locals tend to go to bars or restaurants.

Unfortunately, it has been detected that masks are not always used and that on several occasions the safe distance is not respected. It is worth mentioning that the City Council reported that 10 fines were applied in bars during the weekend.

On the other hand, 14 street vendors were fined, 32 were fined in swap meets, and according to a statement from the City Hall: "18 were fined for extending the dimensions of their stalls and for not having permits to sell on public streets".

They emphasized the importance of Tijuana residents to continue taking care of themselves, especially the residents of the following neighborhoods, which are considered a "focus of infection": Maclovio Rojas, Real de San Francisco, Nueva Tijuana, Salvatierra, Villa del Prado Segunda Sección, Villa del Real, Zona Río and Centro.

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