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Tijuana and Ensenada are at risk of changing to a yellow traffic light

Of the three main indicators that are taken into account for color change, Ensenada has kept them on the rise

In the last few days, Ensenada has shown an increase in the three main indicators observed by the Baja California Secretary of Health on COVID-19, such as active cases, the Incidence Rate of Active Cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, and the Effective Reproduction Rate (RT).

According to the head of this agency, Alonso Pérez Rico, these indicators in Ensenada "are out of range".

However, Tijuana is also showing a gradual increase in its cases, which worries the authorities, being the municipality where 50% of the state population is concentrated.

From Thursday, July 22 to Friday, July 23, 99 new cases of COVID-19 were registered, only 44 of these were reported in Tijuana; while 34 were in Mexicali, 16 in Ensenada, two in Tecate, two in Rosarito and one in San Quintin.

In addition, the border city once again surpassed Mexicali in active cases, going from 154 to 180 on Thursday morning, when the state capital increased from 154 to 170.

Given this, Mexicali, the only municipality currently in yellow traffic light in the entity, has increased its chances of joining the rest of the localities in the green coloration, said Pérez Rico.

"Is Mexicali closer to green than yellow? Yes; most likely, if this trend continues, they will migrate to green in the following days. But we cannot say that Tijuana and Ensenada are going to stay in green (...) So, we are still in green epidemiological traffic light, with all the risk of taking the municipality that is missing from yellow to green, which is Mexicali, and of taking one of the two large municipalities we have there, Tijuana and Ensenada, from green to yellow".

On the other hand, the Secretary of Health showed that in Ensenada the same tendencies are being observed as in Mexicali when it was decided that it would remain in yellow traffic light, and the other municipalities in green, for which he said: "The tendency is clear. Either we start to take actions that really limit transmission chains in Ensenada and lower the confirmation rate, or we have to do it ourselves by changing the epidemiological traffic light".

Currently, Ensenada is where the virus is reproducing the most, with an RT of 1.33 and rising, followed by San Quintin with 1.24, and then Tijuana with 1.1.

Finally, Pérez Rico clarified that Tijuana and Ensenada are still in green, since in addition to the three indicators mentioned, they take into account other indicators, which have allowed them to remain in this coloration, and also because they are the most vaccinated municipalities in Baja California.

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