Marina del Pilar works to make Baja California a sustainable state; she visits the La Jovita Energy Center

This is part of "The Plan to Live a Sustainable State in Water, Energy and Infrastructure"

The elected governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, visited the facilities of La Jovita Energy Center in Ensenada, as part of her Infrastructure Plan presented on April 24.

This project, called "The Plan to Live a Sustainable State in Water, Energy and Infrastructure", includes a series of concrete proposals with an integral vision, with the objective of reactivating and boosting the State's economy.

During her visit to the energy center, where the Energía Costa Azul natural gas storage plant, the LPG facilities and the La Jovita Electric Center, which supply the entire coastal area of Baja California, are located, the elected governor emphasized that this energy infrastructure offers the State options for development and makes it a robust region due to the availability of energy supply sources.

Before businessmen of the sector, she stated that it is essential to encourage the competitiveness of companies and promote, with the same sustainable vision, alternative energies whose potential turns Baja California into a true power thanks to the availability of regions suitable for wind and solar farms.

The coast of Baja California, added the first woman elected as governor in BC, is called to be a financial, touristic, electro-spatial, logistic, port and export industry center that has benefits in all sectors of the economy. All this requires basic infrastructure, water and energy, conditions for any development.

She recalled how last year's cold wave generated a gas shortage emergency, but Baja California maintained its autonomy thanks to the diverse supply sources and the availability of Natural Gas on the coast.

He said that in La Jovita a virtuous circle is created by the availability of Natural Gas due to its proximity to the population center and the installation of the thermoelectric plant that gives Ensenada electrical autonomy.

During her visit to the CEJ, she visited the ECA LNG plant, which represents one of the most important investments in the country, as it is the only LNG export project in the world, with an investment of two billion dollars and the generation of two thousand 500 jobs.

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