CEMDI and Tijuana Government sign collaboration agreement to improve economy

CEMDI will exchange information from its electronic and public access platform

The City of Tijuana through the Secretariat of Economic Development (Sedeti) signed an agreement that will help the collaboration with the Metropolitan Center for Economic and Business Information (Cemdi) with the objective of exchanging information and generating new indicators for the local economy.

The head of Sedeti, Gabriel Camarena, explained that this agreement has different objectives: on the one hand, the exchange of information, and on the other hand, the collection, ordering and generation of economic indicators, as well as the development of publications with strategic analysis for the economic promotion of the city.

"It is worth mentioning that this agreement is part of the actions of the Tijuana Economic Reactivation Plan 2021, which we prepared based on the diagnostic study: Towards a Post Pandemic Business Development Ecosystem in the Metropolitan Area of Tijuana, developed by the CCE of Tijuana, and which proposes the reactivation of tourism activities; promoting a policy of increasing and linking local suppliers and facilitating the rapid opening of businesses," said Camarena Salinas.

He also recognized the work of the Tijuana Development Council (CDT), presided by architect Luis Lutteroth, and the entire team that makes up the CDT, who he acknowledged distinguish themselves for working with a vision of the future, promoting projects for the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of the people of Tijuana.

Meanwhile, the president of the CDT, Luis Lutteroth del Riego, acknowledged the willingness of the Municipal Government, headed by the president, Karla Patricia Ruiz Macfarland, to celebrate this collaboration that aims to create shared information, stored and available to the entire population through the CEMDI platform.

The agreement establishes specific work objectives between the Secretary of Economic Development of the XXIII Tijuana City Council and the Tijuana Development Council (CDT), through CEMDI, that will allow the collection, ordering and generation of economic indicators. In turn, the development of publications with strategic analysis for economic promotion and monitoring of macroeconomic variables.

In addition, CEMDI will exchange information from its electronic platform and public access, statistical and business information from the cities of Tijuana, Tecate, Playas de Rosarito, which together make up the metropolitan area, which will be shared with the Ministry of Economic Development, acting as a source of formal information.

The agreement signing, held at CDT's facilities, was also attended by Mr. Guillermo Gabriel Flores Macias, Deputy State Director of Statistics of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi); José María Núñez Ibarra, Economic Planning Coordinator of Sedeti; Aarón Victorio Escalante, Executive Director of CDT; and Domingo Ramos Medina, Sedeti's advisor.

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