Second doses of Pfizer and Sinovac for Tijuana to arrive on Friday

6 to 8 weeks to go before first dose shipments arrive in Baja California

Photo by: Secretaría de Salud de Baja California en Facebook

Previously, the Secretariat of Health (SSa) had announced that second doses from Pfizer would be arriving in Baja California on Thursday, July 1. However, during the daily update this June 30, the SSa informed that the vaccines would arrive on Friday, July 2.

According to the Secretary of Health, Dr. Pérez Rico, it is most likely that the shipments with the second doses will arrive on Friday, July 2nd, but he asks the population to stay alert. He also explained that 78 thousand doses of Pfizer and a little more than 2 thousand 400 doses of Sinovac will arrive.

The Secretariat of Health expressed that this shipment of second doses will be destined to Tijuana and Mexicali; Tijuana with two vaccination points and Mexicali with one.

Vaccination will only be given in these municipalities since yesterday and today, second doses from Pfizer are being applied in Ensenada. They are vaccinating at the Health Jurisdiction on Ruiz Street between 13 and 14.

Regarding the first dose application, the SSa explained that it would be happening within 6 to 8 weeks or until all 2nd dose vaccines are administered in the state.

The Secretary of Health was asked about the Mexican Patria vaccine, to which he explained that this vaccine would probably be arriving until 2022. Finally, Pérez Rico commented that when first time vaccines are given again, those older than 12 will be able to apply the Pfizer vaccine, since it is the only one authorized for people with this age range.

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