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Simpatt confirms that Amistad Park in Tijuana is out of danger

After a grease and chemical spill caused by some companies, resulting in the contamination of the park's lake

After the companies Bioregeneradora de Baja California (BIOR) and Baja Waste Water Solution, spilled fats, oils and chemicals into the sewage system and contaminated the lake of the Amistad Park in Tijuana, the Municipal System of Theme Parks of Tijuana (Simpatt) informed that there is no longer a risk for users, so the park's facilities will be open to the public starting last Saturday, May 22.

The decision was made after the results of the studies carried out by the State Commission of Public Services of Tijuana (CESPT), which established that the liquid waste that entered the lake of the Amistad Park is not corrosive, reactive, flammable or toxic.

The lake water sampling was carried out to verify that there were no dissolved oxygen concentrations that could cause the death of the organisms that live in this artificial habitat.

The main objective of the Simpatt during the 13 days of closure was always to guarantee the well-being and health of the users, as well as the safety of the wildlife of this lung, constantly monitoring the good physical condition of the species.

Likewise, deep cleaning and general maintenance works were carried out and the water was improved with a biodegradable treatment called mazzal.

During the following days, as part of the joint actions, CESPT will continue analyzing the oxygen concentration to verify that it remains at optimal levels for aquatic life and to rule out any risk for visitors.

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