Baja California has a seventh municipality: San Felipe

In the citizen consultation held last Sunday, the people of San Felipe voted in favor of being an additional municipality in this state

Photo by: Facebook Descubre San Felipe

As reported on this website, San Felipe was on the way to becoming a municipality since last Sunday, November 13, a citizen consultation was held in this town, in order to vote for this initiative.

With 98.37 percent its residents voted for being the seventh municipality of Baja California and 1.73 percent against, this was reported by the Special Commission for the Municipalization Works of San Felipe (Cetmsa), which is presided by Congressman Juan Manuel Molina García.

According to the congressman, for 30 years the people of San Felipe have asked to govern themselves, which will finally become a reality.

Molina also indicated that the result of the vote is binding, since the law indicates that it must be greater than 10 percent of those registered in the electoral roll, which was fully complied with.

It is worth mentioning that despite this triumph, it will take some years for this to be officially recognized, as is the case with San Quintín, which despite having managed to convince the citizens to convert it into a municipality will be recognized as such until 2024.

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