Italian barista creator of the Latte Art technique visits Café Baristi in Tijuana

With this, Grupo Baristi is looking for Tijuana baristas to be certified and to offer quality and professionalism

Photo by: Baristi

With the objective of providing a five-module certification course for Tijuana residents interested in becoming professional baristas, Grupo Baristi received a visit from the creator of the Latte Art technique, the Italian Luigi Lupi, who has been distinguished with the title of Best Ambassador Trainer of the World by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

This association, to which all countries belong, seeks to develop a culture and quality of coffee, so Tijuana could not miss it.

It is worth mentioning that in the border city a course of basic skills has already been done, among them how to roast coffee, brewing, as well as the preparation of alternative coffee drinks to espresso, and at the same time the theoretical part about coffee.

Thanks to its national and international recognition, Baristi, for its quality not only in service and product, has sparked a coffee culture on the Tijuana-San Diego border, which is why it has been awarded several prizes, even outside of Mexico.

In addition, this Tijuana company is the first in the country to create an espresso machine called "Esprofesso", which has an operating system that gives efficiency and greater control of pressure and temperature.

"Esprofesso", today is the only machine in its class worldwide and the first espresso machine that is designed and manufactured in a coffee producing country.

Added to this, its technology and engineering, in process of patent, is what attracted the attention of the master Luigi Lupi.

Currently, Italy is famous for its espresso coffee, since it was in Milan where the first machine was invented to make this type of coffee, in 1901, and it was in this same city where espresso coffee with cream was created, in 1945.

What better way to learn how to prepare your coffee than with a local, expert and enterprising company like Baristi, which at the moment will offer these courses to basic level baristas, but it is expected that by 2021 it will continue with the intermediate and professional levels.


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