Mexican students create a COVID-19 test that gives results in seconds

This test would detect the coronavirus more quickly and treat the disease earlier

Photo by: lukasmilan vía pixabay

Two Mexican students of Biomedical Engineering from La Salle University have developed a test to detect the coronavirus in just a few seconds. Ian Perrilliat García and Antonio Gámez are in the ninth grade of their career and are responsible for this achievement.

Thanks to this model, which they have been working on since March, they were able to participate in the 43rd National Congress of Biomedical Engineering, where they detailed that this project was born from the need to obtain faster and more effective tests, since regular tests can take up to a week to produce results.

How does this model work? The model is based on an artificial intelligence system that gathers many photographs: 600 of people with pneumonia, 600 of people with COVID-19 and 600 healthy people. Comparing the photographs with the x-ray results can determine if your condition is due to coronavirus.

So far it is 95% accurate. However, they reported that the tests will become more and more accurate as the database is constantly being fed with more photographs which makes the results more reliable.

La Salle
La Salle

Source from Hoy LaSalle

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