3 young Tijuana residents win Mexican Math Olympiad 2020

3 students from CETYS high school achieved recognition on behalf of Baja California

CETYS high school students won gold and bronze in the Mexican Math Olympiad 2020. The participation was virtual and the effort of these 3 young people was recognized.

Kevin Rodriguez (CETYS Tijuana Campus), Ismael González (CETYS Ensenada Campus) and Julio Cristerna (CETYS Tijuana Campus) delivered an excellent performance.

"This year they had two very complete exams, nine hours in total, they had to demonstrate their ability to solve problems in algebra, combinatorics, geometry, number theory among others. This contest promotes the dissemination of mathematics and they have the opportunity to develop creative logical thinking, it is a challenge they can overcome," said Master Adrián Favela Sánchez, Professor of the School of Engineering at CETYS University, who was in charge of training them.

In general, the 3 participants mentioned that they were surprised and grateful for the experience, apart from the learning obtained and the satisfaction for the effort they made.

Cristerna has won 39 awards during 34 editions of the WMO. Kevin Rodríguez won a silver medal in 2019, also in WMO and Ismael González enters this scenario while studying the 3rd semester of high school.

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