Inegi ranks COVID-19 as the second highest cause of death in Mexico

Diabetes, coronavirus and heart disease are, so far, the three main causes of death in Mexico

Photo by: Sharon Mccutch vía Unsplash

Through his official Twitter account, the president of the Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), Julio Santaella, shared that according to data collected in recent days, the disease caused by COVID-19 is the second cause of death in Mexico.

He added that until a few days ago the second cause of death was diabetes. However, after Mexico counted more than 105 thousand 459 deaths, this virus became the second cause of death only behind heart diseases.

In third place were malignant tumors, and fourth place changed the causes of death depending on whether you were male or female. In case of being a woman, the fourth cause of death is cerebrovascular diseases, and in case of men, homicides.

Unfortunately, he estimated that by 2020 COVID-19 could become the leading cause of death as the number of cases continues to rise. Up to the latest count, the Ministry of Health confirmed that 586 deaths and 10 thousand new cases of coronavirus were added.

As for Baja California, we also found an increase in the number of coronavirus cases, currently estimated at 26 thousand 595 confirmed cases, while 4 thousand 258 deaths have been registered.

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