Video game consoles available: Americans can order their PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in Tijuana

In the United States, consoles are sold out, but in Mexico you still have a chance

The Christmas season is coming and we must accept that both children and adults ask "Santa" for the most modern gaming consoles. Of course we are talking about the PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox Series X, which in the United States were sold out by Amazon in the blink of an eye.

However, as citizens of the border, it is time to start enjoying the benefits of this: San Diegans will be able to order their consoles to arrive in Tijuana without the need to pay up to double for resales from other Internet sites.

There are even people who are selling PS5 consoles on eBay for more than $33,000 pesos when on Amazon they cost a maximum of 13,999 pesos. If you live in San Diego and have family, friends or acquaintances in Tijuana, don't miss this opportunity, ask for your console and cross the border for it.

Here we leave you with the links to Amazon, without a doubt you won't find anything more practical and economical than these options, will you order yours? or will you wait? [b just remember that they can sell out because the holidays are coming.[/b]

Click on the console that interests you:

Xbox Series X , the official price of this product is $ 13,999 MXN

Xbox Series S, the official price is $8,490.00 MXN


Play Station 5 Digital its official price is $13,999 MXN

Play Station 5 Standard the price of this console is $11,499 MXN


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