Canirac Tijuana promotes the challenge "15 days with a face mask".

Will we be able to stay 15 days using a face mask every time we go out?

The challenge "15 days with a face mask" has begun, by means of which the Canirac of Baja California and other institutions invite Baja Californians not to remove their face mask for 15 days so that the infections of coronavirus in the region can be reduced.

The purpose of the above is to prevent the epidemiological traffic light from changing to red and to prevent health authorities from having to resort to stricter strategies of social distancing, as happened in March when, as we all remember, there was a massive closure of businesses.

The most recent cut on the situation of the coronavirus in our region reports that there are 93 people intubated and so far there are 3 thousand 814 people who have lost their lives. In total, Baja California has 21 thousand 840 accumulated positive cases and 450 active cases.

In yesterday's conference, the region's Secretary of Health asked that "for the love of God, use face masks". Now other institutions have joined this call. So what do you say? Will you join this challenge or are you tired of wearing a mask?

Border News 4th week of October


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