Trump says there will be a "border tax" on those who cross into the U.S.

This new tax will help finance the wall

Photo by: History HD via Unsplash / San Diego Red foto de Garita

After testing positive for the coronavirus and his early recovery, Donald Trump kicked off his campaign in Sandford, Florida where hundreds of people gathered to hear the campaign promises of the current president of the United States.

Using the same strategy as when he was a candidate, in his speech, of course, he could not miss the outpouring of anger against China, the mention of the border wall, the attack on his rivals and the undocumented.

He assured that China will pay dearly for the situation of the pandemic. He also mentioned the treatment he received against the coronavirus and recommended that those present "not be afraid". However, he could not finish his speech without mentioning one of his favorite topics: our country, Mexico, and particularly the border area.

The president assured that Mexico is paying for the wall and that he would soon impose a tax on trucks and cars crossing the border. This tax will be for the purpose of financing the famous wall.

He praised the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and said that he has been "great". He also assured that the Mexican government had placed more than 20 thousand elements to stop migration.

With information from DiarioMX

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