New standard to prevent fuel theft at gas stations comes into effect in Mexico

Find out what this new regulation is and why all gas stations in Mexico must comply with it

Photo by: sippakorn yamkasikorn en Unsplash

In order to prevent consumers and companies from being victims of theft by some service stations, the Mexican government, through the Department of Economy, has completely modified the norm NOM-005-SCFI-2017, which goes into effect on October 8.

NOM-005 allows knowing the volume of fuel dispensed and the correspondence with the volume paid, thanks to the fact that it contemplates the instruments and systems for measuring and dispensing fuel, reliability characteristics and "Audit Trails or Event Logs", as explained by the Department in a press release.

But this new norm establishes that all gasoline and diesel stations in the country must have new or updated dispensers that comply with the characteristics and specifications established in this norm.

Once these new or updated dispensers are implemented, Profeco will be able to verify a possible theft from consumers more easily, since this equipment registers:

  • Adjustments or "alterations" to the measurement system or gasoline dispensing (volume delivery)
  • Price change
  • Access to the electronic system, particularly the opening of doors
  • Access to programming mode
  • System date and time change
  • Update of the computer programs including the versions to which it was updated.

In addition, according to the Department of Economy, this standard will also help detect fuel theft by allowing the closing of roads to criminal groups related to the sale of stolen fuel.

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