Hundreds of people come to Downtown Tijuana for the reopening of bars

On the weekend downtown Tijuana had a great flow of people: Tijuana natives and foreigners visiting the Revo.

This October 3rd and 4th downtown Tijuana had a great flow of people, both Tijuana natives and foreigners. Tijuana's well known Revolution Avenue is "closed" on weekends, due to the new concept "Tijuana al Fresco" that allows restaurants to operate with fences and tables, with the proper security for a safe stay due to the well known COVID-19 pandemic.

The tourist flow was present this weekend, the bars have taken measures and protocols and now a different atmosphere is perceived. At least, to what we have been used to before the pandemic. Bars with people, flow of people through the Revo, people walking, couples holding hands, friends on the sidewalk laughing, or simply people enjoying the city alone.

Now many people have had to adjust to safety protocols because of COVID-19, others not so much. You may also run into people who simply don't wear masks on the street. What is to be expected, is that in order to enter to consume or enjoy a coffee or a beer in one of the establishments in the area it is necessary to wear a mask and maintain a safe distance.

This weekend it seems that Tijuana is breathing, or wants to take its course in the midst of the pandemic. Social consciousness must prevail in a reality like the one we are living. And there is no denying that weekend fun is necessary for everyone.

The truth is that it is necessary to think that when we have fun we must do it with the necessary empathy and care so as not to harm a third party.

If you are going to go out and enjoy a weekend with family or friends, do not forget that there are also others who want to have fun and enjoy a safe night.

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