How much undeclared money can I cross from the U.S. into Mexico?

Mexican authorities limit the amount of money that can enter Mexico

When entering Mexico from abroad there are also a series of requirements to enter without any problem and this is one of the most important requested by the Customs authorities, such as entering with a valid passport or identification, but above all the amount of money allowed to enter from the United States, unless this money is declared at Customs, before arriving in Mexico.

Mexican authorities limit the amount of money that can be entered into Mexico without paying taxes. Therefore, travelers can enter and leave Mexico exclusively with 10 thousand dollars or its equivalent in other types of exchange. This amount is in cash, check, documents to be collected or documents to be paid or the combination of any of them but remember not to exceed 10 thousand dollars.

In case of carrying this amount, travelers must fill out a form specifying that they are carrying it.

If you are traveling with more than 10,000 dollars you must fill out the Declaration of Intent or Cash Withdrawal of Documents to be Collected as indicated by the SAT.

Now... what happens if I do not declare the money when I enter Mexico?

If you enter or leave the country with more than 10 thousand dollars and you do not declare it, you could be fined up to 50% of the amount allowed, that is to say, you are fined 5 thousand dollars.

If the amount exceeds $30,000, the penalty ranges from three months to six years in prison and the money becomes federal property, unless it is proven to be lawful money.

So if you plan to cross a large amount, it's best to stay informed to avoid years in prison and losing your money.

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