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San Felipe: less affected region by the pandemic in Baja California

This area located in Mexicali has the least number of infections, deaths and active cases, compared to the state capital

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According to what was presented this Wednesday morning by Health Secretary Alonso Perez Rico, one of the municipalities least affected by the pandemic in Baja California is San Felipe.

This town, located in Mexicali, compared to the latter, has fewer active cases, fewer infections and fewer deaths than the totals added up in each of these categories at the state level.

The active cases, which total 309 in Baja California, are as follows

Mexicali: 68
San Felipe: 2

Captura de pantalla
Captura de pantalla

While in the positive cases scenario, which until today 18 thousand 382 have been registered in the region, they were reported in the following way:

Mexicali: 8 thousand 494
San Felipe: 296

In the case of the 3 thousand 346 deaths that have occurred in the state because of this virus, these were registered in these areas:

Mexicali: one thousand 506
San Felipe: 2

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Captura de pantalla

Thus, despite being in the same municipality, the impact of the current health crisis is notably different.

However, although Mexicali is one of the most affected, it is also one of the municipalities with the most patients recovered by COVID-19 in Baja California after adding 5 thousand 621 of the 10 thousand 470 reported by the state.

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Do you still maintain hygiene and health measures when you leave home?

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