Lopez-Gatell: "COVID-19's regrowth would last until April 2021"

The secretary of Health indicated that the influenza season in Mexico would lead to new cases

Photo by: Presidencia

It is no news that, despite having "tamed" the pandemic, several countries in the world have experienced a resurgence of coronavirus cases. For this reason, the secretary of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, indicated that Mexico is not exempt from experiencing a COVID-19 resurgence.

The official indicated that for the past four weeks there have been new cases of infections, deaths and hospital occupation in other regions, "similar to when it began in January and February.

"Is Mexico exempt from this? no," said Lopez-Gatell, "It was contemplated that it could last from January to October, but also beyond October. We've said it countless times, when October comes it will be influenza season, and along with influenza season it may be that COVID-19 will present itself in a second epidemic wave, this could extend into April 2021”.

In the first week of September, Mexico has reached 634 thousand cases since the pandemic began, totaling more than 67 thousand deaths. Within this scenario, the Department of Health has registered 522 new deaths from COVID-19, thus stagnating the decline of the epidemic.


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