Baja California talent featured in Shark Tank Mexico show

The young men's goal was to build Vinif, a smart prototype device

Being an entrepreneur involves creativity, effort and perseverance. Having an original and attractive business idea is vital to making your way in the business world, and although it may seem like a promising project to us, others may not think so.

Such is the case of Alerick Escudero and Carlos Lopez, originally from Ensenada, Baja California, who presented their idea on the famous program Shark Tank Mexico.

Their goal was to build Vinif, a prototype of an intelligent device that monitors and alerts in real time to changes in the state wine inside the barrel.

With Ensenada in the Valle de Guadalupe, famous for vine cultivation and for its export of internationally renowned wines, getting this project off the ground represented an area of opportunity for them with a prospect of obtaining a good income and supporting local producers.

The entrepreneurs offered the sharks a 15% share in exchange for 800 thousand pesos.

When asked if they had tested the device in large barrels and for a long time they said that they had only tested it in small barrels to avoid wasting so much wine, and did not give an answer about the prolonged use.

Another factor that played against them was that they had not patented the cap that measures the different oxygen levels; the use of materials that could change the taste of the products was, in turn, something to be considered, which is why all the entrepreneurs declined their financing.

Arturo Elias Ayud, one of the sharks, told them: "going by the rule of thumb, I´m not feeling it, I'm out".

"Maybe it wasn't Vinif's time, but we will have plenty of time to develop our idea and be a super successful market and company", said Carlos López feeling disappointed in the present but hopeful about the future.

You can see the full video below:


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