Engagement piercing is the new trend

it is just like a ring but without a the ring band

A new trend in social media has emerged, in which the engagement is no longer through a ring, but through a piercing in the ring finger.

It is a dermal or micro-dermal perforation, which is perform on a flat surface of the body, in the case of the ring, on the finger and is held there with a kind of anchor that is implanted under the skin.

With that perforation, the effect is very similar to that of a traditional engagement ring, only that it has no band.

According to national media, the British Association of Dermatologists says that if the piercing is not deep enough, there is a risk that it moves, which is known as migration. In addition, if it is too deep, the skin begins to grow over the perforation.

The association also says that another problem with having a dermal perforation in the finger is that the probability of getting tangled in something is very high.


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