Cheers! Beer while eating breakfast is an option!

Expert says that beer is better than yogurt for breakfast.

Photo by: Elevate on Unsplash

It is known that probiotics allow better intestinal function and although many tend to look for them in yogurt, a teacher expert in bacteria found that we could also find them in the beer.

This expert, Eric Claassen, is a professor at the University of Amsterdam, who found that some beers produced in Belgium, such as Echt Kriekenbier, Hoegaarden and Westmalle Tripel, thanks to the type of yeast they use, contain a high amount of probiotics, the same than yogurt.

Why? Is the question. This happens thanks to the fermentation process of the beer, while it is produced and when it is bottled, thus fighting some bacteria that can cause diseases.

According to information from GQ, the bacteria expert reaffirmed that this does not invite people to give them a license to drink more beer, since the high consumption of this drink affects the intestine.

Therefore, Claassen clarified that one beer a day is not harmful, but on the contrary, it will help you with constipation and other intestinal problems.

Would you change the yogurt for some very cold?

Source: GQ.



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