5 eco-friendly gifts you can buy in Tijuana.

look for the perfect eco friendly gift for that special person!

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Take the perfect gift for your friend, partner or family member who always looks for options that do not pollute the environment.

Even if you are not a fan of these products, with the following options, that person who touched you in the exchange will be delighted.

Here is a list of ecofriendly products that you can find in Tijuana. With this you will avoid the long lines when crossing to San Diego and you will help the region by consuming local.

1.Soliod Shampoo bar: Detergent bottles and personal hygiene such as conventional shampoos are large plastic contaminants, so this option is perfect for gifts. In addition, there is for all types of hair.

2. Wood or bamboo toothbrush: Plastic is currently one of the biggest pollutants in the oceans, so this new option of brushes will prevent them from reaching our seas.

3. Female cloth towels: Believe it or not, a female towel is equivalent to 4 plastic bags, with this gift you will not only save a few pesos to those who give them away but you will also avoid that each time you buy a package.

4. Stainless steel razor: Forget about disposable razors, this gift is perfect for men and women, in addition the blades are easy to buy and very cheap.

5. Cloth bags: Although it is quite common to find them in many places, this time you can give small cloth bags ideal for vegetables, cereals or legumes. Or just for when you go shopping.

If you are one of those who still do not know these products and do not know where to buy them, in Tijuana there are already several small companies where they sell them.

For example, you can find them at Sostenible Mx, Be 100% Natural, Peonías:Toallas femeninas, Bamboo Life located at Food Garden, or at market stands.



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