Wine from Baja California won Gold Medal in Madrid

Over 4000 participants at the Champions Wine 2019

Photo by: Terry Vlisidis on Unsplash

The Secretariat of Tourism and Economy (SEST) announced that the wine house Casta de Vinos made history by placing itself among the winners of the Champions Wine 2019, the most important wine competition worldwide, proclaiming Baja California as a high-quality producer of wine.

"Obviously, this award positions us as the capital of Mexican wine in Mexico and that betting on innovation is key, especially promoting more women like Ana Sofía, who are standing out in the wine industry, is a great pride," said Ivette Casillas Rivera, Deputy of the SEST.

News such as this one is what BC needs to continue strengthening its tourist offer such as the Ruta del Vino (Wine Route), since according to the Mexican Wine Council, 72% of Mexican wine is produced in Baja California, and annually 750 thousand people visit Valle de Guadalupe

Moreover, Claudia Horta Meza, Winemaker and sommelier of Casta de Vinos, a wine house from the Valle de Guadalupe, in Ensenada, said that Ana Sofía Castañeda is the winemaker of the winning wine Flor de Roca, which won the gold medal in the category of red wines aged up to 12 months in barrel.

The contest was held on November 4 in Madrid, Spain, where more than 4 thousand participants from around the world competed, all of them winners of other competitions in Europe, since this was a requirement.

‘‘It is a great accomplishment’’, said Horta Meza, as the winning wine has already won several awards like in 2016 where won gold medal at CIETVO, and in 2017 another gold medal in Mexico Selection by Bruselas, and In 2018, a silver medal at Concours Mondial De Bruxelles, and then in 2019 a fourth gold medal at the Mujeres Elaborando Vino en el Mundo, in Espain.

"And now we are looking to make history as the youngest winemaker in the world to win the Champions Wine," said Horta Meza.

Ana's story began in November 2014, advised by her father, the winemaker Sergio Castañeda Piña, presenting her with her team at the fair of chemistry and physics sciences "the alcoholic fermentation of the grape converted into wine".

''she did very well with the reaction of the teachers and parents, she even sold wine when he had only finished the malolactic fermentation in the drink and decided to keep it in the barrel until it reached 13 months and 10 days, resulting in a very well done Ruby grape Cabernet wine, '' said Horta Meza.

The Winemaker and sommelier of Casta de Vinos also said that the opinions of Sommeliers, and winemakers were very positive, which resulted in sending her to international competitions every year to be judged blindly.

‘‘Nowadays she has been changing its winemaking, trying to make fresher wines, with present fruit, the barrel is used only to keep some wine; Confident of her passion, Ana Castañeda studies Oenology in Ribera del Duero at the University of Valladolid ... Habemus winemaker for Mexico in the future’’, she added.




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