Baja California

Americans must get a permit to visit Baja California

A fine may be applied if you don't have it

Photo by: @Mexperience / Imagen de Gustavo Gutierrez en Pixabay

After the announcement a few months ago about deportations that would be done to Americans living illegally in Rosarito, some expats have come to the Migration offices to get their paperwork in order, says San Diego Reader.

As a result, the difficulties experienced by American travelers visiting Baja California have been evident, as they did not meet some requirements.

Since 2015, Americans need the "Multiple Migration Form" permit to travel to Mexico at a distance beyond 20 or 30 kilometers from the border.

This unknown information for many American travelers became the focus of attention in recent months among the visitor community. Some have been denied from boarding ships for not complying with the rules.

According to information published in the US Embassy and Consulates in Mexico, Americans who are for 72 hours or less within “the border zone” (35 km from the border with the United States), don’t have a permit.

The Multiple Migration Form, also known as FM-T, is requested when American citizens travel beyond the border area. You can process it at Mexican consulates, crossing points with the Mexican border, Mexican tourist offices, at airports located in the border area or through the website.

Those traveling on business or for stays of up to 180 days must complete and submit the FM-M form and have a valid American passport.

The FM-T permit has a cost of $ 22 dollars, while the permission to stay for up to 180 days in Mexico, is priced at $ 28 dollars per person.

When an American doesn’t have the corresponding permit, a fine of $ 40 dollars is applicable when returning to the US.



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