The videogame industry is coming to Mexicali

GAMACON, the most important videogame event of the north of Mexico

Games + Anime + Comics + Convention (GAMACON), the most important video game show in the north of Mexico returns to Mexicali, Baja California on November 16 and 17, at the Centro de Convenciones del Centro Estatal de las Artes (CEART):

An family-friendly event where you can find video game tournaments, cosplay contest, video game developer studios, virtual reality, workshops to learn how to develop video games and apps, conferences, exhibitions, raffles, shops, Universities and special guests of the cinema and videogame industry that will be signing autographs and taking photos with the public.

Some of the special guests are:

Pepe Toño Macías - Voiceover actor, voice of Deadpool, Captain America, Joker, Alucard, Pikachu.
Pepe Vilchis - Voice actor, voice of Loki, Andromeda.
Lee Kohse - Official Star Wars artist, Indiana Jones, Voltron.
Tommy Yune - Robotech Producer.
Mike Towry - Co-founder of the San Diego Comic-con and founder of the San Diego Comic Fest.
Keithan Jones - Founder of KID comics.
B-Shira - Cosplayer.
Alex Cañez - Cosplayer.

GAMACON, in addition to being an entertainment event for the whole family, is a non-profit civil association whose main objective is to promote the industry of videogames, animations and creative media in Mexico, through the generation of business opportunities for Mexican studies, support to complement the academic programs of educational institutions, and the promotion of artistic talent, and Mexican culture.

Location: CEART Convention Center
Date: November 16 and 17
Time: 12pm - 8pm
Cost: Presale $ 100 MXN – On event $ 120 MXN - Combo 2 days $ 200 MXN
Ticket sales: Here, at Bol Bol Mexicali - Ongaku Shop - Plug & Play - and Super Xtreme Plaza San Pedro.

More information:
Facebook: Official Range
IG: Official Range


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