According to a study, sleeping more can be detrimental

Science discovered that the difference between having a restful sleep and a deadly one is 1 hour apart.

Sleeping more vs. sleeping less

Sleeping less than seven hours can seriously alter processes such as synapses, memory, the ability to learn and to lose weight. However, sleeping a lot brings much more serious consequences than the previous ones.

The ideal number of hours to sleep every night is between seven and nine hours.

People who exceed ten hours are at risk of heart diseases and strokes. This increases the chance of dying prematurely by 30%.

Every hour brings you closer to death

So, each hour more that you sleep increases your risk of dying from a stroke or a heart attack.

For years experts tried to find out what caused the sudden death by strokes. It is now known that a genetic predisposition is one of the causes, the food plays a huge role and now it has been discovered that excess sleep is also a cause of this disease.

Heart disease and its risks

Coronary heart disease represents a high risk of mortality in the population. Doctors have focused on warning about the risks of a poor diet. However, few make recommendations about the time and quality of sleep for their patients.

Having a heart attack can be something silent that causes us to die without even knowing we were suffering from it.

How to counter the effects of sleep

You may sleep more than ten hours a day because you are tired. But surely during the day your body does not feel like that of a person who has had a restful sleep. Therefore, you have to adjust other factors so you don't need to sleep so much.

First, the quality of your dream is the priority. You should sleep in a dark, quiet, uninterrupted place and not go to bed with a full stomach or drink water before sleeping.

Secondly, it is important to take care of what we eat, since if we receive the right amount of nutrients, there is no reason to need to sleep for a very long time.

Finally, it is necessary to control your stress so that it does not take over your sleep and snatch your precious health.

*Source Fentigo


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