Keeping your wallet in the same pocket might become a serious problem

Experts advice to change the pocket you place it constantly

It is called the Fat Wallet Syndrome; it is a damage to the pelvis caused by the wear of one of the sides of the body that is pressed by the wallet. Men are the ones who suffer most from the symptom that is becoming more frequent in Mexico according to Agustín García, an academic scholar from the National Autonomous University of Mexico interviewed by Noticieros Televisa.

The main problem is the use of the wallet in the back pocket of the pants, the pressing can lead to make uneven the pelvis up to 2 centimeters. The initial symptoms can be pain in the hip or lower back, itching and burning in bones and in the lumbar spine.

The worst scenario is when it affects the back discs and requires a surgery, in an advanced case a piece of gluteus can be removed to try to balance the pelvis.

It is best to prevent it by constantly changing the pocket or place of your wallet and to fill it lightly as possible.


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