A 9-Year-Old Girl was detained at Border Port of Entry

Julia Medina was just trying to get to school

According to NBC San Diego , a 9-year-old U.S. Citizen that crosses the border from Mexico to the US every day to go to school, was terrified when CBP officers detained her for more than 30 hours.

Julia, along with her 14-year-old brother, were crossing the border to attend their school that is only 6 miles away from Tijuana. CBP Spokesperson said that the little girl gave “inconsistent information” during her inspection so she was detained until they confirmed her citizenship and identity.

Thanks to the intervention of the Mexican Consulate, the little girl was released and reunited with her parents. Julias’s mother mentioned to NBC that she wanted to know what exactly happened, but CBP agents told NBC they couldn’t say anything else about the case.

Thousands of kids cross the border daily to attend public schools in the U.S.

*Translated by Melisa Montiel Valenzuela



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