Why do we commemorate Women’s Day?

This day was declared by the United Nations Organization in 1975

When Women's Day is celebrated some do it thinking it is a joyful and happy celebration, however, the true origin is terrible.

This happened a little more than 100 years ago. Every March 8 the death of 146 women workers in the garment factory "Triangle Shirtwaist" in New York is remembered.

This was the deadliest industrial disaster in U.S. history, the death of 123 women garment workers was caused by the fire, smoke inhalation or falling or jumping causing their deaths. Most of them were immigrant in their 20’s

The deaths occurred because the workers couldn’t escape the burning building. The owners of the factory had closed the doors of the stairs and sealed the exits to avoid thefts. They could have been saved if they had been treated equally. That made people everywhere stand up to demand a change.

This disaster led to important legislative changes in labor issues, and led to the creation of the International Union of Women Workers.

The first International Working Women's Day was celebrated on March 19 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. On that occasion, meetings were held attended by millions of women who demanded the right to vote, hold public office, also the right to work, professional training and non-discrimination in the workplace.

The great feminist Alexandra Kollontai, who was the People's Commissioner for Public Assistance, won the vote for women, the legality of abortion and divorce, and managed to commemorate women on March 8.

Later, the ONU General Assembly made it official as the International Day for the Rights of Women and International Peace.

Vía: W Radio.

*Translated By Melisa Alba


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