Small but feisty! Study shows short people are more violent

It’s not just because you’re closer to hell

We all remember our school days, where no matter how tall or short you were, it seemed like height was always the butt of the joke.

But you might wanna reconsider the bullying against short people, because of the discoveries from researchers at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, who recently studied 600 men from ages between 18 and 50. The scientists found that short men tend to feel the less masculine, making them more at risk of committing violent or criminal acts.

On a similar note, scientists at Oxford University experimented with 60 women using virtual reality lenses, one of which was altered so that the person felt 30 centimeters shorter. The participants had to take a virtual walk through the subway, and then answer a few questions. The results showed that those who used the altered lenses documented that they felt more insecure, vulnerable and less talented.

According to Professor Daniel Freeman, a lead for the Oxford study, "when you are shorter than average, this makes you feel inferior to other people”, asserting that reducing a person’s height can increase feelings of vulnerability.

So next time someone tells you that short people are feisty, relax! It’s not them, it’s science!



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