5 reasons why flowers are the best Valentine’s Gift

They may sound outdated, but you can never go wrong with this beautiful detail

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and with that the decision of what to buy for your significant other, to show them how much you love them. Giant teddy bears and mugs filled with chocolates might have been the best when we were in high-school. But times have changed and now it’s time to make a better effort.

And that doesn’t mean you have to leave out the classic gifts, just put a little twist on them. Because nature has that one perfect present for that special person your life: Flowers. And even though this is still pretty common, a lot of women (and men) still love flowers. So here are five reasons why flowers could be the best option for Valentine’s Day!

Parece que o Forsetes e o Sath gostam bastante do Homem de Ferro

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5. Science says they’re good for you

Scientific studies confirm that flowers have healing effects on both the body and the mind of people. In addition, flowers transmit a positive effect on the mood of the people and can help relaxation, by eliminating stress. Scientists have revealed that women find a man more attractive when a bouquet of flowers is in the room.

4. They’re full of life

Flowers are a live product that we love seeing because of their beautiful colors and smell. Also, you can put a twist on this gift by giving your SO a planter full of live flowers, that way they will last longer and it’s good for the bees too!.

3. They never go out of style

Garden cultivation of roses began some 5,000 years ago, and since then they have been given to people on special occasions, from the day of your wedding or the opening of a new business, to the the arrival of a new baby. Flowers are always “in”.

2. It’s an ecological, responsible and sustainable gift

Flowers generate a lot of jobs in Mexico and the world; and require talent and care that only expert hands achieve. Specialized professionals, like Elizabeth Cervantes from La Floristería, www.floristeria.mx, a florist in Tijuana, are a clear example of how they can help you express your feelings in a beautiful flower arrangement.

1. You can share it with everyone

Flowers are an excellent way to express all kinds of love and friendship, and they’re something we all love. Truth is, there is nothing more beautiful than flowers.

If you’re still planning on surprising that special someone, we invite you to www.floristeria.mx, to get inspired by their interesting ideas of floral arrangements for this Valentine’s Day!


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