Traditional dishes and drinks to enjoy in Tijuana

Are you ready for the holiday season?

There are 10 days to start the holiday season, but many are already celebrating the traditional Christmas parties.

We know that these dates are very important to spend with family and friends, so we share some traditional Mexican dishes that you can enjoy this season.

According to the México Destinos , the origin of these dishes and drinks is 100% Mexican and they have been a tradition for many years.

El Bacalao

For dinner you can prepare the rich and traditional Cod a very representative dish at Christmas and although on some occasions it is also prepared for the Easter season. A dish native to Veracruz and easy to prepare since it does not require ingredients that are hard to find.

Only by request in Solo por pedido en Lorca Restaurante Español.

The Romeritos

Who has not heard of the Romeritos, a very typical Mexican cuisine dish and more so in the center of the republic in Mexico City. It is said to be the favorite dish of the Aztecs for the nutrients they have and how easy it was to get them. In addition, this dish is very traditional in the Christmas season, it is also traditional in the Easter season.

You can buy them by order in Pasteleria El Molino.

And to accompany your meal, we also have some very typical drinks for this season:


A drink with Aztec origin, because in this period corn was consumed a lot, it is very traditional in Mexico and other countries. Traditionally it is consumed a lot during the Christmas season, it can also be accompanied with tamales or with dessert, guava atole is delicious and easy to prepare.

The Champurrado

A drink to accompany the tamales or the dessert. The champurrado is basically an atole of corn that only adds chocolate and water with a touch of vanilla and that is finally boiled until it has the right texture or until it is thick, very typical in our country and delicious. This drink originally comes from the Aztecs, consumed by the people of that time and it can also be made of several flavors as in some states like Michoacán, for example, it is salty instead of sweet but in any case it is still delicious.


As a dessert, we also have buñuelos. The traditional ones of Mexico are made with honey, piloncillo and cinnamon. During the Christmas season you can see a lot of sugary buñuelos, also prepared in some parties with Mexican traditions. If you do not feel like cooking, you can find them here:


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