Voting Online Could Be Possible Thanks to Blockchain

The great election to choose a new President of Mexico is just around the corner and, as expected, the great uncertainty of the majority of those who vote is really high, since it is well known that many times, people are hired to steal the polls, disappear them, or burn them.

We are in the 21st century and in the "age of the internet" and great technologies. But this same era could help us minimize many problems, with something as simple as the blockchain.

As we have already mentioned, the blockchain technology is not only focused on the financial, but also on solving situations of daily life.

And if there is still doubt, it is enough to remember that in 2017, South Korea voted to choose community aid projects, which were proposed by the residents. All this was in conjunction with a startup called Blocko, and the government of the province of Gyeonggi-do, which opted to implement this technology in order to improve the way of voting for the benefit of the entire community.

Thanks to this distributed accounting technology it becomes more difficult to falsify or manipulate any type of data that is entered in the registers, and also contributes to saving costs and expenses related to the preparations of an election.

Now, all this must be financed by someone, either an individual or the government itself, which, realistically, might never happen, something that can be a bit silly because if so, then the government wouldn't have to pay that much to organize all the booths of election around Mexico.

What do you think?


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