Where Can I Pay with Bitcoin?

And, is it worth it?

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Bitcoin is not recognized as a free course currency and it cannot be used to make commercial exchanges. But several businesses, due to their volatility, consider it as a payment method, it may be for the same volatility, or because it is safer when it comes to large quantities. Anyway, they might just simply want to get ahead of technology to say they are at the same level as their competitors.

The physical businesses that accept Bitcoin are Subway and KFC, the funny thing is that in 2013 in Pennsylvania, this sandwich company sold a chicken and bacon sandwich for the amount of 0.04 Bitcoin (BTC) at that time because of the price, exactly $12.35 dollars to the consumer, but if we pay attention to the value of tthe coin at that time, the sandwich cost $330 dollars. This is the reason why many people see such changes or fluctuations in the prices of cryptocurrencies as a way of extending their payment possibilities for clients.

Here is the case of a guy who managed to pay with his bitcoin.

KFC for its part, also launched a promotion called "The Bitcoin Bucket," but unfortunately only for its locations in Canada. In this promotion you were given a box of chicken with which you had to pay the equivalent of 20 dollars in Bitcoin, the box chicken had 10 pieces of chicken and chips of medium size, a medium sauce and two dips inside.

In Mexico, there are different ways to pay with the cryptocurrency, either through direct transfer with the deposit link or through an application that has the function of being a virtual wallet. The big difference between a SamsungPay or GooglePay app is how the cryptocurrency market is constantly changing prices, so you may now have $1,000 pesos ($53 dlls), and in two hours you can have $ 9,000 pesos ($478 dlls).

Also, different web pages accept Bitcoin, because it is a technology that is born from the internet, so obviously there will be more options for its use.

Some companies are:

DISH Network, the satellite TV provider is the first to accept this type of payment for users to enjoy their services.

Microsoft, the technology giant in 2014 also announced that they would accept Bitcoin mainly because of the range of benefits they offered, and even created a blockchain platform.

Dell of course, is not far behind, as the cryptocurrency is a very important technological tool in 2014, this company also announced their incursion of forms of payment such as Bitcoin, as part of their alliance with Coinbase, the main exchange in the United States.

These were some of the companies that virtually accept the type of payment with cryptocurrencies, something that for many means a giant step in the financial world.

But if you don't want to buy anything, you need cash and have a few saved satoshis (fractions of bitcoin), you can go to ATMs that are especially for cryptocurrencies. The commission is high, but this takes us back to the main point, the volatility of the markets always generate some benefit , here we leave you a few pages to find your nearest cryptocurrency ATM.




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