Non-Terror but Still Scary Movies to Watch This Halloween

It's all in your head...

Photo by: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Halloween is just perfect for a movie marathon with your friends, your significant other, or just by yourself, and of course you'll always want to watch a terror film, but sometimes, horror and just creepy situations can induce your mind into a trance, of which you might not be able to escape.

And to prove this, here we leave you with some movies you can watch this Halloween night that will make you wonder a lot of things, or simply say "What the heck?"

1.- February

A lot of things happen in this movie. Your head will just start swirling around.

On Netflix.
On Netflix.

2.-The Lobster

In this film if you can't find a partner and get married you are condemned to an animal lifestyle, a post apocalyptic situation that at least leaves us thinking about the idea of pleasing everyone, regardless of how you think about your well-being. Fear of the future.

*Available on YouTube

3.- A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

In the film there are two particular details: black and white photography and a vampire woman who is not afraid of the night, the street or people.

*Available on YouTube


What if the reality of the future is closer than we think? How would a human being interact with a robot? So much social evolution ended in creating almost perfectly a robot whose body of woman develops feelings and emotions, attitudes of revenge, egocentrism and liberation.

On Netflix.
On Netflix.

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