More than 2,000 Haitians Are Legally Employed in Baja California

Many of them left behind the American Dream for a more calm life in Baja

Photo by: Eduardo Jaramillo / Notimex

The last two years have marked a watershed in Baja California society regarding immigration and refugees. The Haitian community has already established in the state, leaving aside the dream of going to the United States to have a better life.

Haitians are now seen at traffic lights selling candy, in taquerias as waiters, in markets and constructions, in swap meets of different areas of the region and in companies, working as receptionists or assistants.

Until a few days ago, 2,085 people from Haiti had been legally employed in the different cities of the state, said Juana Laura Pérez F, head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare of the States.

After the long journey they have experienced since leaving their country to the United States, Mexico has been for many of them the final decision, in which they preferred to stay to continue their lives.

Some of the members of the Haitian community already have children or siblings studying in the schools of Baja California, while others continue in the struggle to maintain their quality of life in a place where the barrier of culture and language remains, but is not impossible to tear down.

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Translated by:cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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