Tijuana Mayor Welcomes Latest Street Mural "In Search of An Identity"

This painting was created by young "Tijuanenses"

Photo by: Ayuntamiento de TIjuana

On Guadalupe Ramírez Avenue. of the Río neighborhood, in the outer wall of the Unidad Reforma sports complex, a new mural inspired on Tijuana was inaugurated.

"En búsqueda de la identidad" (In search of an identity) is the name of the the work made by young "Tijuanenses" with the support of the Municipal Institute of Youth (IMJUV) and the Municipal Institute of Sports. The mural was announced by Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum.

Over a period of two months, fourteen young people between the ages of 16 and 25 dedicated themselves to the creation of this work, whose idea arose with the aim of reducing the graffiti in the city and contribute in an artistic way with the community.

"Many people come to Tijuana and find a sense of belonging, and it is incorporated as it happened with the Haitian community, actions like the creation of this mural provides us with identity and belonging," said the mayor.

He also emphasized that it is an honor to inaugurate and deliver to the community spaces that provide a friendly environment.

The mural of 700 meters wide was one of the activities that are part of the workshops given by IMJUV.

"Part of the work we do with young people is to offer diversity in the activities, so IMJUV has programs aimed for all tastes," said Miguel Loza, director of the Institute.

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