"Kikito" is Attracting People from Both Sides of the Border

Last Thursday, a huge photograph appeared on the fence that divides Mexico with the United States, specifically in the area of Tecate, and artist JR was the one responsible for it.

Photo: Ángel García
Photo: Ángel García

Since then, dozens of people from both sides of the border have come to the area to meet "Kikito", the installation of more than 8 meters in height; a picture of a one-year-old boy who lives a few blocks away.

The warmth of the day did not stop people from posing and spend a few minutes watching the work. Visitors came from everywhere, the cars featured both Mexican and American plates.

The access on the American side was more difficult, whereas in the Mexican side, it was relatively an easy road.

Photo: Ángel García
Photo: Ángel García

Do not miss the chance to visit, since it was announced that it will only be up for a month.

Visiting recommendations

1.- Make sure that the time you visit is not in hours where the heat is intense, remember that in Tecate the temperatures can be higher.

2.- Bring water and fresh and comfortable clothes.

3.- Umbrellas.

4.- Go in a big car and with all your family.

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Translated by:cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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