Tijuana Real Estate Champion Sets Sights on Senate Candidacy in Mexico's 2018 Elections

The businessman seeks to continue helping his beloved city in both the private and the public sector

Photo by: Facebook/David Saúl Guakil

David Saul Guakil, founder and owner of the developer Cosmopolitan Group, is apparently looking to join the Citizen Movement Party (MC) in order to run for senator in the upcoming 2018 federal elections.

This according to several media reports. But one rumor from sources close to AFN TIjuana, is that he will not only run as a candidate of the MC, but also as a unity candidate with several other parties, basically running against the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

This entrepreneur, in recent years, along with his children, has been one of the most fierce promoters of development in the city, mainly through vertical projects such as Torre Cosmopolitan, Distrito Revolución, Cosmopolitan Residences, and Sara's new building called Eazy WorkSpace.

The list goes on, but this is the work that puts Guakil in a strong position to seek and win a public election for the first time.

Guakil resigned a few months ago from the PRI, believing the party to no longer represent the interests of the people.

Since then, along with his role as an entrepreneur in the real estate sector, he has sought political allies for his mission to develop the city of Tijuana.

Now that MC, PRD (Democratic Revolutionary Party), and PAN (National Action Party) are allied on a national level along the Citizen Front for Mexico, the PAN is willing to consider Guakil as a proportional representation candidate.

These news are still a rumour, but apparently Guakil is aiming for proportional representation and his meetings with different party leaders seem to be true.

Mexico is slated to hold the biggest general elections in its history, and that includes voting for an entire new Senate, with Baja California offering two seats by plurality of votes and one by proportional representation (the party with the second highest vote share overall gets a seat). Political parties choose candidates for both types of seats.

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Translated by:cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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