Baja California

Baja Cuisine Featured at the 41st Tourism "Street Market" in Guadalajara

With tastings and local produce pairings

GUADALAJARA – Baja California confirmed its culinary arts set the standard for the whole country, which has made Baja an important tourist destination that exhibits innovation in the creation of dishes and culinary fusions, this happened at the 41st Tourist Street Market in Guadalajara, an annual event lead by the Mexican government to showcase the different tourism qualities each state in the country has.

In this regard, Baja's Secretary of Tourism stated on the "National Culinary Panel" their work efforts in positioning Baja where it currently is with the help of the private sector, for which they feel very proud in getting the desired results.

The extraordinary quality of Baja produce plus talented cooks and great marketing efforts have been key elements that have positioned Baja California as one of Mexico's top culinary tourism destinations.

The presentation was headed by the Deputy Secretary of Quality and Regulation from Mexico's Secretary of Tourism, progress made within legislation for the promotion of Mexico's gastronomy were presented, which was announced by Mexico's president back in August 4, 2015, where promotion and financing strategies for tourism promoters were detailed.

Photo: Secretary of Tourism

They also mentioned 14 culinary tourism destinations in the country that stand out, with Baja California being one of the most successful and recognized cases, not just in Mexico, but in the whole world.

The head of the Mexican Culinary Culture Conservatory, Gloria López Morales, stated that this next November the 4th Mexican Culinary Global Forum will be held, where Germany and the Philippines will be special guests. On this event, the "Tourism Destinations with an Exceptional Culinary Experience" program will be presented.

The Mexican states, Guanajuato and Michoacán, were also invited on the panel, states that are known as having successful culinary development strategies.

After the panel, a tasting/pairing with Baja produce took place with chef Miguel Angel Guerrero on deck. Deputy Secretary of Quality and Regulation from Mexico's Secretary of Tourism along with Baja's Secretary of Tourism's officials were present as well.

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