Spring Break Pours Millions of Dollars into Baja... and Trash at Beaches

Dirty Rosarito beaches angers residents living south of the border

ROSARITO – This Spring Break season and Holy Week holiday in Mexico brought 90,000 people to the city of Tijuana, according to the Tijuana Conventions and Tourism Committee (COTUCO), which also reports 7.2 million dollars brought into the city from tourism.

The head of COTUCO, Francisco Villegas Peralta, reported that a 40% increase in tourism was registered in Tijuana during this year's Spring Break, which accounts about 30 thousand more people compared to 2015.

There was also a 68% hotel occupancy during this holiday period, representing an economic income of 12.5 million pesos ($717k USD).

But money isn't the only thing that tourists brought with them, they also left a lot, and we mean a lot of trash to Rosarito's beaches.

Every year, it's the same sad sight.

People have shown their outrage throughout social media by posting pictures and videos of the aftermath:

Photos: Introvisión

Video: El Rosaritense

The Rosarito local government has issued a statement where they urge their beach-goers to put their place in its designated places.

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Translated by: edgar.martinez@sandiegored.com


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