Baja California

We Went Whale Watching in Baja and Whoa!

All aboard the María Alondra!

With our camera ready we boarded the María Alondra, the trusty boat under our Captain Guillermo Palafox's command.

He gave a group of more than 30 people a tour around Bahía de Todos Santos sailing off the port of Ensenada.

A 2 hour+ experience that we totally recommend, especially because of all the fauna and beautiful landscapes that we had the opportunity to see and appreciate, as well as the more than qualified tour guides that gave us an unforgettable experience, all for a pretty reasonable price.

Our superb experience began here, at the Bahía de Todos Santos harbor, where you can find lots of boats that offer services, like whale watching and sports fishing.

Photo: Daniel Esparza

Bahía de Todos Santos is a Baja treasure and our photographer Daniel had the chance to capture this beaut when we were first heading offshore.

Photo: Daniel Esparza

This is just one of those beautiful landscapes that only Baja has to offer.

Photo: Daniel Esparza

Of course, the weather was perfect for some sports fishing, an experience that surely everyone should have at least once in a lifetime, because nothing tastes better than savoring your own catch of the day after a long day under the sun.

Photo: Daniel Esparza

Once offshore, we were able to appreciate different birds that aren't normally seen at the beach.

Photo: Daniel Esparza

We even made some new friends, like this little fella, who swam by and said hi in its very own way.

Photo: Daniel Esparza

Here's another friend who was getting an early breakfast.

Photo: Daniel Esparza

And at long last, even though the whales were somewhat shy, we did get to see some of them wave us hello once in a while.

Photo: Daniel Esparza

These majestic creatures are so huge, that boats must keep their distance, at least 300 ft away from them.

We gotta respect their personal space too you know...

How do I get there, you ask?

There's also this website with information about all licensed tour operators, their prices, hours and how to make a reservation (it's currently only working in Spanish), but you can also visit the Baja Tourism Ministry office in Ensenada and get info about reservations, prices and dates. You can also call +52 646-172-54-44.

Hurry, the unusually warm weather is shortening the whale watching season, so there's not a lot of time left.

Photo: Daniel Esparza

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