Historic Animal Welfare Regulation passed in Tijuana

The rules include fines for violators and improved oversight

TIJUANA.- Last week, during what was the final rule-making session of the outgoing municipal administration in Tijuana, the city council unanimously approved the new Animal Protection, Well-being and Ethical Treatment regulation.

The regulation applies to the entire municipality of Tijuana and is designed to protect domesticated animals including aspects related to their health, well-being, welfare, and housing. The rules also cover the legal implications for those who engage in mistreatment or cruelty towards animals, and matters related to public health and safety. The regulation also addresses preventing the deterioration of domestic species, and improving fair treatment toward service animals.

The regulation includes the creation of a multidisciplinary committee that will oversee the compliance of the new regulations and encourage ecological education and campaigns. The committee may propose public policy to the municipal government to improve the treatment of animals, including the implementation of programs and sterilization campaigns. The committee will also oversee the operation of the department and will implement programs to promote the creation of private shelters and adoption centers in Tijuana.

No less than fifty percent of any fines derived from violations to these regulations will be destined toward the Department so that these funds may be applied toward programs related to improving animal welfare.

The proposal was first presented by City Councilman Felipe Ledezma in 2014 but was rejected on numerous occasions over the course of the past two years. In a press release, Councilman Ledezma's states that the passing of the regulation was the result of much effort from his office in conjunction with various social, public and private animal welfare groups, and is a big step forward for the city and for the well being of animals.



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