Birriería “El Cuñado: ”Quesabirria in Rosarito crowned as one of the best tacos so far

While the birria taco disappointed our host, the quesabirria captivated him.

In this new episode of Una Mordida Tacos Rosarito, Chef Danny Betancourt went to birriería “El Cuñado” located in México 1 742, Villas de Rosarito, 22713 Rosarito. This time, Chef Danny was disappointed when he tried one of the tacos, but was also delighted when he ate the most popular taco in this taqueria.

Birria Taco

The first taco was the traditional birria taco. When he saw it, our host noticed that it was fried and did not seem very furnished: “onion, coriander, meat, and that’s it.” When he ate it he noticed that the flavor was missing. Some sauce or even more birria broth would have resolved this issue.

Another thing Chef Danny did not like at all was that neither the onion nor the coriander seemed very fresh. He theorized that they put the onion and coriander in the taco first and then fried the tortilla, which made these important ingredients lose their freshness. This taco gets a rating from Danny of 7.1.

Price: $1 dollar (20 pesos)

Quesabirria taco

What Chef Danny did like was the traditional quesabirria taco. “It is strengthened,” he stated as his first impression. This taco has meat, beans, coriander, and cheese. He highlighted that the tortilla’s flavor was very different from the first taco and celebrated by saying “give me another one.”

At the same time, he said that it had a lot of meat and the tortilla was buttered. Unlike the birria taco, the vegetables in this quesabirria were fresh. “These are the details that brings this taco to the next level,” he added.

Due to its delicious tortilla, its rich meat, and the rest of the ingredients, Chef Danny gave this taco a rating of 8.6., the highest rating ever given to a birria taqueria in Rosarito. In the first episode that debuted on March 1, when he went to a taqueria in this city, the highest rating he gave a taco was 6.3.

Price: $2.38 dollars (50 pesos)

VIDEO: "Una Mordida Tacos Rosarito": Birrieria El Cuñado


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