One Bite Tacos Tijuana: The head and tongue birria tacos at this taqueria will surprise you

Chef Danny Betancourt was delighted by the softness of its meat

In this new episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, Chef Danny Betancourt visited the taqueria "Tacos Barrios", which is located on the corner of Guillermo Prieto and Gobernador Luna, in the Gabilondo neighborhood. In this tasting he tried 2 tacos, the first one is beef head birria with a price of $25 pesos (1.25 dlls) and the second one is beef tongue birria with a price of $30 pesos (1.5 dlls).

Taco Lengua de Res en Birria

This was the first taco delivered to Danny, whose beef tongue meat has the birria marinade, onion, cilantro salsa verde and double package tortilla. When tasting this taco, he highlighted the softness of the meat, in addition to the fact that the broth from the birria does not become invasive for the flavor of the tongue, since it does not have much seasoning, which makes it lighter on the palate.

The chef found the jalapeño tomatillo sauce to be fairly neutral as the spiciness was not high and the accompanying radishes were quite tender. One point to take into account was the size of the tortilla as it was small. He gave this taco a 7.7 rating.

Price: $30 pesos (1.5 dlls)

Taco Birria de Cabeza de Res

(Beef Head Birria Taco)

This taco contains all the elements that make up the beef head, for example the tongue, cheek and brains. It also comes with onion, cilantro, double tortilla, as in the previous taco, and chile de arbol tatemada sauce which was recommended by the workers of this taqueria.

Danny again emphasized the softness of the meat, he assures that this is the result of a long cooking period, although the tortilla de paquete is not to our taster's liking, the process of passing it through the birria's fat and browning it changes the flavor. The sauce, although it appeared to be quite spicy, did not have such a high level of spiciness, however the flavor of the tatemado of its ingredients makes it a great accompaniment. He gave this taco a 7.3 rating.

Price: $25 pesos (1.25 dlls)

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