Potholes in Tijuana are repaired and fixed 24 hours a day by the government of Montserrat Caballero

The mayor revealed information about the current work carried out thanks to the Bye Bye Baches program in the city

The restoration of roads in Tijuana has continued thanks to the Bye Bye Baches program which is carried out simultaneously in the nine delegations of the city. These works are part of the public policies by the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana led by mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez.

During a tour supervising Venustiano Carranza Street in Colonia Castillo, mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez underscored that with the work that has been carried out in this avenue, the municipal government strengthens the Bye Bye Baches program at Delegación Centro.

The mayor of Tijuana stated that, as part of this program, the municipal government is working today in 20 spots in the nine delegations of the city, in order to improve street conditions to benefit all Tijuana natives.

The Secretary of Territorial, Urban, and Environmental Development, Juan Enrique Bautista Corona, pointed out that it is extremely important to restore this street as it will work as an alternate route to detour traffic flow from Avenida Internacional, which is a result from the construction work at the elevated viaduct which is being carried out by the Federal Government.

He added that through the Bye Bye Baches program, the government of Montserrat Caballero repaired and restored, in its second year, 375,000 square meters of roads with their own resources amounting to 300 million pesos, exceeding last year's goal.

Just in Delegación Centro, more than 66,000 square meters of road have been restored during the second year of this government, strengthening the works on this area.

Bautista Corona stated that the repair work in Calle Venustiano Carranza, between Avenida Internacional and Calle Arias Bernal in Colonia Castillo, is a pothole repair work of 5,100 square meters. This work is being done by the Contribution Fund for the Strengthening of Municipalities and Territorial Limits (FORTAMUN) with an investment of 5,458,000 pesos.

During the supervision of this pothole repair work, a group of residents of Colonia Castillo thanked the mayor for paying attention to their request that had been ignored for many years; in addition, they expressed their support for the mayor for working to benefit families in Tijuana.

For her part, mayor Montserrat Caballero arrived here with good news as she revealed that due to a request from families in Tijuana, the doors of Municipal Cemetery Number 1 (also known as Juan Soldado) will open soon on Sundays. This is because there are some people who are only able to visit their deceased loves on this day.

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